Leatherman Tool Guide

Leatherman are the world's most famous multi-tool producers and their range can be a little bewildering on first acquaintance. In this article we'll try and offer you some background information about the tools to help you choose.


Leatherman tools are constructed from almost 100% stainless steel. The only components which aren't are the bit driver bits included with some models which are produced from a hardened Tool Steel. Because of this they are highly resistant to corrosion, extremely durable and easy to care for. It is this high quality construction which means that Leatherman are able to offer a full 25 year warranty on all their tools.


We stock Leatherman tools in a range of different finishes. The classic Leatherman tools are the full sized, un-anodized range which have a utilitarian appearance which matches their functionality. The anodised Juice and Squirt ranges bring a little more colour to the table with a variety of fun colour options but no sacrifice in performance. The final finish is the new camouflage range which are designed for the military and for huntsmen, these tools give you a great range of functions in a fully camouflaged package.


We've chosen to divide up the Leatherman range by their size. The pocket and keyring range are produced to the same high quality as the full sized range but are more compact and have a range of features to cater for campers, family use and first aid kits. These are still covered by Leatherman's 25 year warranty.

Bit Driver:

Leatherman produce several tools with interchangeable screwdriver bits thanks to their Bit Driver Extension. This allows the tool to be used with the LT27 Bit Kit which provides you with a huge range of options from Allen Keys to Torx bits. This is an ideal add-on for DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen.

Leatherman produce a huge range of tools and have something suitable for almost everyone, if you're struggling to decide which is best for you then check out our How To Choose Guide.